Jade, souvenirs and ketamine

This letter details the facts of my drug trafficking case for which I was arrested in January 2020. I will have a hearing in the High Court soon. My lawyers said I would face 19 years imprisonment.

My ordeal started back in December 2019, when my boss Ken called me for a job bringing some souvenirs to Hong Kong from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Because I had lost my passport and had to re-apply for a replacement, my trip was arranged for January 19-21, 2020.

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Colombia hails arrest of alleged drug kingpin

Colombia’s armed forces have captured Dario Antonio Usuga, known as “Otoniel”, in the biggest blow to drug trafficking in the Andean country since the death of Pablo Escobar, President Ivan Duque said on Saturday.

Otoniel, 50, was captured during operation Osiris in a rural area of Colombia’s Uraba region, located in Antioquia province. He is accused of sending dozens of shipments of cocaine to the United States, and Duque said he is also accused of killing police officers, recruiting minors, and sexually abusing children among other crimes.

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Missing life

To all South African people,

I’m a white lady, 63 years of age, and am now sitting in a women’s prison for trafficking drugs into Hong Kong.

I am so very sorry that I have ever committed such a terrible crime. I am now a lonely person. I was always willing to help others, but my goodness and kindness were used against me. I needed to help other people, but they used my kindness to benefit from me, not because they cared. I have lost so much now in my life. 

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Blind trust

It’s been fifteen months since I was remanded in custody at the Lo Wu Correctional Institution. Back in March 2020, I was working as a part-time waitress and managing my online purchasing business at the time. Due to the social events and COVID-19 pandemic, my workload and income drastically reduced. I felt financially insecure. 

One day, I was wandering around Mong Kok and bumped into a friend which we haven’t contacted for ages. We chatted for a while and updated each other with our latest status. He mentioned that he could hook me up to earn some quick cash.

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No future beyond

How often have tears of relief woken us from our nightmares, and our visions relax while leftover anxiety gradually fades into a new day 

That’s God’s gift of choice and freedom to wash away failures, to stand again after we fall.

And then there are those who wake into a nightmare every day, years and years on end: those of us who had forsaken God’s behest and challenged the law – and lost. We wake up in a cage too small for life, yet big enough to swallow our future in a blink of time. We are taken away from people who loved us until the moment they concede to reasons why leaving will be better off without us.

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Customs pumped up over $130m coke haul

Customs seized 110 kilograms of suspected cocaine worth HK$130 million inside two hydraulic jacks – the largest airborne cocaine-trafficking case in two decades.

A 50-year-old secretary and a 51-year-old head of a construction firm, both male, were arrested for trafficking a dangerous drug in Tung Chung on Saturday.

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Broken heart

I am a 24 years old brazilian writing this letter to express the profound anguish and pain that both myself and my family are going through since my arrest in Hong Kong for trafficking in dangerous drugs.

I write this letter as a warning! Please do not be seduced by the so-called ‘easy money’. There is great need in some cases – as I thought mine was, but however difficult your situation might be, do not be deceived into believing that trafficking is the way out because it is not!

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Hong Hong Customs seize 52kg of meth hidden in baby car seats shipment from Cambodia

Hong Kong Customs seized about 51.5 kilograms of suspected methamphetamine with an estimated market value of about $32 million in Yuen Long on February 18. This is the first drug trafficking case detected by Customs involving a self-service container yard.

Customs officers on that day inspected a seaborne consignment, declared as carrying baby car seats, that arrived in Hong Kong from Cambodia at a container yard in Yuen Long. Upon examination, the batch of suspected methamphetamine was found concealed inside the false compartments of 32 baby car seats.

Customs’ investigations revealed that drug trafficking syndicates adopted a circuitous transportation route after the drugs had arrived in Hong Kong and used a self-service container yard at Tsing Yi for temporary storage. After a follow-up investigation, Customs officers arrested two men, aged 22 and 33, suspected to be in connection with the case.

Source: HK Customs and Excise Department

Customs seized HK$126M worth of cocaine in shipping container, biggest hard drug bust of year

Hong Kong Customs seized about 80 kilograms of suspected cocaine with an estimated market value of about $126 million from a transshipment container at the Kwai Chung Customhouse Cargo Examination Compound on February 23.

Following intelligence sharing with overseas law enforcement agencies and risk assessment, Customs officers selected a 40-foot container, declared as containing grapes, from Peru heading for the Mainland via Hong Kong for inspection.

Upon examination, Customs officers found the batch of suspected cocaine inside two nylon bags that were placed by the side of the container doors.

After a follow-up investigation, a 53-year-old man suspected to be in connection with the case was arrested the next day.

Source: HK Customs and Excise Department


Hong Kong Customs seizes 15kg of liquid cocaine from Brazil

A male passenger arrived in Hong Kong from Sao Paulo, Brazil via Amsterdam, the Netherlands yesterday. During Customs clearance, six personal hygiene product bottles containing the batch of suspected liquid cocaine were found inside his check-in suitcase. He was then arrested.

The arrested man, aged 30, has been charged with one count of trafficking in a dangerous drug.

Source: HK Customs and Excise Department

Two South Asians nabbed in year’s largest drugs bust

Two South Asians – a Pakistani man who is a Hong Kong resident and a Bangladeshi man – have been arrested by police in Fan Ling when they seized 178 kilograms of illegal drugs worth HK$170 million in fruit juice cartons at a warehouse in On Lok Village.

This, the police said, is the largest drug haul this year.

The suspects will appear in the Fan Ling Magistrates’ Courts today

Police found 88 kilograms of ice, 82 kilograms of heroin, and eight kilograms of ketamine.

The Pakistani and the Bangladeshi are suspected to be involved with a transnational drug trafficking ring.

Source: The Standard

Future on sale

Warning! Warning!! Warning!!!

Time is too precious, use yours wisely. Open your eyes and ears, think carefully before you accept any offer of quick riches.

Almost everybody would jump at the kind of offer that can change their lives without much struggle. But I am here to advise you to STOP! – think carefully whenever such an offer comes knocking at your door. I am a big victim. I was deceived into bringing dangerous drugs into Hong Kong.

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Three foreign men nabbed over HK$3.4M in drugs

The police said today they arrested three jobless foreign nationals from Nigeria and Ivory Coast, aged between 33 and 43 years, on suspicion of drug trafficking after raiding a room in a guest house at the Chungking Mansions in Tsim Sha Tsui yesterday.

Drugs including cocaine, methamphetamine, worth about HK$3.4 million, digital kitchen scales, and packaging tools were seized. Two of the suspects were subdued after they resisted, police said.

Source: The Standard