Discos, girls and drugs

From a young age, I was separated from my parents, who had migrated from mainland China a few months before my birth. They were preoccupied with work, so when I was six months old, they sent me back to mainland China to be cared for by my aunt. This arrangement lasted until I was three years old and ready to start school in Hong Kong. Before this time, I had rarely seen my parents and we were estranged.

We lived in a tiny room but despite the limited space, we were content. Later, thanks to a fellow villager, my dad secured employment at a seafood shop, and we relocated. We lived on the first floor above the seafood shop.

My parents enjoyed a good relationship then. We weren’t wealthy, but we had enough for our needs, and life was pleasant. After a couple of years, they managed to buy our very own flat. My father started a successful business in the seafood industry and even opened a processing factory across the border.

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Two boys, 15 and 16, arrested in HK$1.3m Kwun Tong drug bust

Two boys aged 15 and 16 were among three arrested as police raided two warehouses in Kwun Tong district and seized drugs worth about HK$1.3 million.

After investigation, officers from the East Kowloon regional crime squad raided a drug warehouse at a Kwun Tong industrial building on Wednesday night, where they intercepted two teenage boys aged 15 and 16.

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