Missing life

To all South African people,

I’m a white lady, 63 years of age, and am now sitting in a women’s prison for trafficking drugs into Hong Kong.

I am so very sorry that I have ever committed such a terrible crime. I am now a lonely person. I was always willing to help others, but my goodness and kindness were used against me. I needed to help other people, but they used my kindness to benefit from me, not because they cared. I have lost so much now in my life. 

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Blind trust

It’s been fifteen months since I was remanded in custody at the Lo Wu Correctional Institution. Back in March 2020, I was working as a part-time waitress and managing my online purchasing business at the time. Due to the social events and COVID-19 pandemic, my workload and income drastically reduced. I felt financially insecure. 

One day, I was wandering around Mong Kok and bumped into a friend which we haven’t contacted for ages. We chatted for a while and updated each other with our latest status. He mentioned that he could hook me up to earn some quick cash.

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No future beyond

How often have tears of relief woken us from our nightmares, and our visions relax while leftover anxiety gradually fades into a new day 

That’s God’s gift of choice and freedom to wash away failures, to stand again after we fall.

And then there are those who wake into a nightmare every day, years and years on end: those of us who had forsaken God’s behest and challenged the law – and lost. We wake up in a cage too small for life, yet big enough to swallow our future in a blink of time. We are taken away from people who loved us until the moment they concede to reasons why leaving will be better off without us.

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Broken heart

I am a 24 years old brazilian writing this letter to express the profound anguish and pain that both myself and my family are going through since my arrest in Hong Kong for trafficking in dangerous drugs.

I write this letter as a warning! Please do not be seduced by the so-called ‘easy money’. There is great need in some cases – as I thought mine was, but however difficult your situation might be, do not be deceived into believing that trafficking is the way out because it is not!

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Future on sale

Warning! Warning!! Warning!!!

Time is too precious, use yours wisely. Open your eyes and ears, think carefully before you accept any offer of quick riches.

Almost everybody would jump at the kind of offer that can change their lives without much struggle. But I am here to advise you to STOP! – think carefully whenever such an offer comes knocking at your door. I am a big victim. I was deceived into bringing dangerous drugs into Hong Kong.

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If I could have seen the future…

A warning to all South Africans and the rest of the world

I am a 36 year-old mother of four. I am a single mother who was struggling to raise my children. Things were not easy for me to provide their needs. I am a high school dropout which made it hard for me to get a job, so I did part-time jobs as a domestic worker and also had a small business buying and selling second-hand clothes and hair products to provide for my children. My dream was to give them a good education.

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Shattered life: story of a Kenyan drug mule in Hong Kong

I am an African woman from Kenya, and a single parent. I want to tell my story to let my countrymen and the world know about drug trafficking.

As a single parent with two children life was not easy. I worked in all types of jobs to put food on the table and to give my children a basic education. In my struggle, a lady friend asked me if I would be willing to work in another country for a good pay. It would change my life.

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Are ten years worth ten thousand dollars?

In April 2019, a friend called me, asking me to help him bring a backpack from Macau to Hong Kong. He said he was not available to do it himself, and would give me $10,000 as remuneration when done. For the money – as well as for helping my friend – I brought the backpack to Hong Kong. In Macau, I asked him repeatedly what drug it was. He assured me that it was just medicinal powder.

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Born behind bars

The cold hurt me inside and out, I felt my baby move inside me, and my mind never stopped thinking…. 

I am Brazilian, 23 years old and in Dec 2018 – a week before I came to Hong Kong – I left my home town in the north of Brazil and travelled to São Paulo. I was 7 months pregnant with my first child. A “friend” offered me the trip, and in the situation I was in, I accepted. The day had finally arrived for my trip to Hong Kong. All was set.

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Love online turned me into a mule

I behaved like a child because I didn’t know the person well and at the first chance I accepted the invitation

I am writing this letter to explain my story. I lived in Ulianópolis, Pará, Brazil and there I met someone online and I ‘chat’ with them for a long time. Then, that person invited me to visit Hong Kong. They gave me money for the ticket and sent another friend to give me some jackets because he said that Hong Kong was very cold. Then, I accepted. I looked at all the jackets; they were new all had their brand labels on and in good condition. Then, I traveled to Hong Kong on 25/12/2019 and arrived on the 26/12/2019 at 7 p.m.  

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The promise, the lie, and the suitcase

This story is for all people, to please take note and take care not to be used by the Nigerian drug lords for muling their drugs.

I was misused, as a fool, by trusting a friend who knew a Nigerian who could help me with a job. Due to the high unemployment rate in our country the Nigerian’s come with all these sweet stories of how they can help us earn some “legal” money. Be careful for they are recruiting people on our beach front in Durban, South Africa.

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The box of chocolates that stole my freedom

Be warned. Don’t lose your life for the drug lords who may use all kinds of tricks to make you carry their drugs from country to country.

Regardless of what the circumstances, once you are found to have drugs in your possession, you will be detained and remanded in custody usually indefinitely. Once this happens, you will have already lost your life and freedom. And if you were convicted, it may even be for life.

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