Drugs are not a game worth playing

It happened at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, between 2019 and 2020.

School classes were suspended, so I often went to play soccer. I met a new friend there. We frequently hung out, went drinking, shopping, and played soccer together.

One day, he asked if I could help him to check into a hotel. He said he had a fight with his parents and needed to stay out for a few days. I didn’t think too much of it so I helped him as he was under 18. After we checked into the hotel, he gave me a suitcase and asked me to take it up to the room and leave. I gave him the room key card and left afterward. What happened next, I only learned from watching the police’s CCTV evidence. Continue reading Drugs are not a game worth playing

Ignorance is evil

“The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance.”

I’d like to take this opportunity to warn all Taiwanese people not to blindly believe in what other people say. Be careful who you trust and always verify all the facts yourself. The consequences may be severe, you may have to pay a heavy price, including prison time.

For instance, no matter the crime, if committed overseas, you’ll never have an option to be handed over back to your own country for trial or to serve your sentence. Don’t be fooled! Don’t be greedy, and don’t be tricked into committing a crime. The consequences of being caught for drug trafficking are very serious, some countries even give the death penalty if caught! In some other countries, jail time may range between 10 to over 20 years. Is it really worth it? It would be too late for regrets when the mistake has been made.

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One wrong turn

I am a 28-year-old man, arrested last year around March for drugs found in my car. I was then charged for trafficking dangerous drugs. I have been in custody for more than 10 months now, and my sentencing is scheduled for March 2022.  

I used to drive for a living: delivery vans, dump trucks, and cranes. But a few years ago, I started to become addicted to gambling, putting more and more money into it and going more and more into debt. When the pandemic hit, work opportunities became scarce, and my income along with it. That put the debt-ridden me under a lot of stress. Someone told me to try some drugs, and that was how I went down the wrong path – harming both others and my own future.   Continue reading One wrong turn

No room for trust

I’m an Indonesian woman. I had been staying with a friend in her hotel room because I didn’t have money. I rarely stayed there as I only needed a place to sleep at night.

On Thursday 17 December 2021 at 8 pm, I was waiting for the elevator to go out to get some food because I felt hungry. As soon as I stepped out I was suddenly stopped by the police without any warning.

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Please “Return to sender”

I’m from Malaysia. In November 2019 I traveled to Hong Kong to attend a direct-sales event. 

While in the city, I befriended a Hong Kong man who was introduced to me by a friend in Malaysia. I had only met this guy twice outside a mall when he asked me to help him collect two packages from the nearby post office.

On November 27 I headed from my hotel in Chungking Mansions to the post office on Middle Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. Continue reading Please “Return to sender”

Drugs lead to a dead end

I am a Hong Kong citizen. I want to share my story about why I am in Lai Chi Kok Reception Centre waiting in custody to get a sentence. 

I hope when you read this letter you take the time to reflect on how important is your life, friends, family, and all the things that freedom offers. And even if you are having some difficulty finding a job or a good way to earn a living in these COVID-19 times, never choose any wrongdoing. Never choose to deal with drugs because certainly, you will end up in jail for a very long and sad time.

Trust me. Being in jail is the worst experience. This is so bad that just in the last ten months I saw how two people preferred to take their lives and finish this sad moment.

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When the System fails a child

I am a 29-year-old Hongkonger, currently held in custody at the Lai Chi Kok Reception Centre under drug trafficking charges. This is my story.

My father is from Hong Kong and my mother is from mainland China. She gave birth to me in Hong Kong while overstaying her visa. They divorced when I was little, and my father now has another family.

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The trap I fell into

It all started when I met a man at Taboo – a bar located in Wanchai. The man has dark skin and calls himself Mapan, from America. I had known him for one month only. 

On one Sunday night, which was my last encounter with him, he offered to pay for my drink and gave me HKD1000 to pay for food and a taxi to get home since it was already late at night and the MTR had closed. I originally wanted to go home earlier but he told me to stay, that’s why he gave me money to go home. I arrived home around 3 am that night.

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My life in pieces

I am 39 years old. I was arrested on January 30, 2021, for trafficking in dangerous drugs, and I am currently detained in Lai Chi Kok Reception Centre.

In December 2016 I was arrested and sentenced to five years and eight months for trafficking dangerous drugs and was released from prison on January 12, 2019. A month after my release, I got a job as a porter, but as fate would have it, I was injured at work three months later and couldn’t work anymore, so I had to rely on the compensation to make ends meet. Continue reading My life in pieces

Jade, souvenirs and ketamine

This letter details the facts of my drug trafficking case for which I was arrested in January 2020. I will have a hearing in the High Court soon. My lawyers said I would face 19 years imprisonment.

My ordeal started back in December 2019, when my boss Ken called me for a job bringing some souvenirs to Hong Kong from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Because I had lost my passport and had to re-apply for a replacement, my trip was arranged for January 19-21, 2020.

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The downward spiral of drugs

I was arrested for burglary, and I am now remanded in prison. I have been arrested several times, for taking drugs, robbery, and burglary and have been in and out of prison for years.

For 20 years I had a meth addiction, and I committed most crimes after I took the drug.

I was an estate agent in my 20s. After several years of hard work, I developed a successful career, earning millions annually. But at the peak of my career, I was persuaded by bad friends and went down the wrong path of drugs. Not only did I put my career on the line, but I was also arrested for drug possession.

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Missing life

To all South African people,

I’m a white lady, 63 years of age, and am now sitting in a women’s prison for trafficking drugs into Hong Kong.

I am so very sorry that I have ever committed such a terrible crime. I am now a lonely person. I was always willing to help others, but my goodness and kindness were used against me. I needed to help other people, but they used my kindness to benefit from me, not because they cared. I have lost so much now in my life. 

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Blind trust

It’s been fifteen months since I was remanded in custody at the Lo Wu Correctional Institution. Back in March 2020, I was working as a part-time waitress and managing my online purchasing business at the time. Due to the social events and COVID-19 pandemic, my workload and income drastically reduced. I felt financially insecure. 

One day, I was wandering around Mong Kok and bumped into a friend which we haven’t contacted for ages. We chatted for a while and updated each other with our latest status. He mentioned that he could hook me up to earn some quick cash.

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