Five little angels

I’m a 25-year-old Brazilian with five children, currently living through a challenging time. I arrived in Hong Kong on May 8, 2023, and was immediately arrested. I’ve now been in prison for a year, spending holidays and family birthdays in this alien environment. Let me share a bit of my backstory.

I was born in Diadema, São Paulo, a place I scarcely know. At the age of four, my parents separated due to my father’s infidelities. Shortly after, my paternal grandparents moved to the countryside, and my mother distanced herself from me, blaming me for their separation. My father disappeared. Consequently, I moved in with my grandparents in the countryside.

As a child, I cried myself sick, yearning for the love of those who were supposed to care for me from my first breath.

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Woman from Brazil concealed 1.5kg of liquid cocaine inside body

March 24, 2024 — Hong Kong Customs detected a dangerous drugs internal concealment case involving an incoming passenger at Hong Kong International Airport and seized about 1.5 kilograms of suspected liquid cocaine with an estimated market value of about $1.5 million.

A female passenger, aged 52, arrived in Hong Kong from Sao Paulo, Brazil, via Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, yesterday. During customs clearance, Customs officers suspected that the passenger had dangerous drugs concealed inside her body cavity. She was then escorted to the hospital for examination.

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An experience that will never be forgotten

Let me first introduce myself. I am a Brazilian man, originally from the state of Belém do Pará. I am 36 years old, married, and have a son. To begin, I will talk a little about my life before everything that I am experiencing today – my life before was simple and lovely.

I have always worked honestly, I have always liked to work hard to achieve my goals. I am a personal trainer and have always worked in the bodybuilding area. I worked in various gyms in different states. I even got to train celebrities and became known in the social circle for the good work in my professional history. I have always been a dedicated person in everything I do. I am a humble person, I come from a humble family. I have a wonderful family. I am greatly thankful to my parents for the education they gave me throughout my life. I learned to respect others in the same way I wished to be respected.

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Man arriving from Brazil arrested after customs seize HK$3.2m worth of cocaine

A 59-year-old man arriving from Brazil has been arrested after customs seized about 3 kg of suspected cocaine with an estimated market value of HK$3.2 million at the airport.

Customs said the man arrived in Hong Kong from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, via Sao Paulo, Brazil and Doha, Qatar on Thursday.

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Tourist from Brazil caught hiding at least HK$850,000 worth of cocaine in his body

A male tourist arriving Hong Kong from Brazil will appear at the West Kowloon Court on Friday after he was earlier arrested for hiding drugs in his body, including 770 g of suspected cocaine worth HK$850,000 customs have seized so far.

The 27-year-old, reportedly a security guard, flew to Hong Kong on Tuesday via Dubai and Bangkok, according to customs. He was carrying light luggage and claimed to be a tourist.

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What will happen to my children?

I am a 24-year-old Brazilian currently in a Hong Kong prison. I have five children and grew up with separated parents, being raised by my grandparents in the interior of São Paulo. I moved to Fortaleza in 2020.

I lived with my children and worked tirelessly to support them without any help. Despite my efforts, I never received any assistance from my family. After the separation, my parents abandoned me and showed no interest in my well-being or that of my children.

A few months ago, I found myself in a moment of desperation. I was unemployed, with overdue bills and rent, and no money for food. To make matters worse, my five-month-old son had a bout of bronchitis. I spent my nights and days crying and feeling lost. It was at this moment that an acquaintance offered me a job and said that the payment would be of great help to me.

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Mastermind who coerced two young women to traffic cocaine into HK sentenced 27 years

A 33-year-old man was on Friday jailed for 27 years for recruiting two young women to traffic nearly 2 kg of cocaine into Hong Kong hidden in their suitcases three years ago. The two women were also jailed for 12 years and three months.

The mastermind was Lam Hoi-kit, and the two women were Chung Lai-tung, 23, and Ho Hiu-ling, 26. The three were earlier convicted of trafficking in dangerous drugs by a jury.

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The Jade Exchange

I am writing from a correctional institution, where I am on remand awaiting trial. I’m being charged with “trafficking in dangerous drugs”.

Allow me to share my story.

My accomplice and I were acquainted through an online recruitment ad. We were assigned to travel to Brazil and Kuala Lumpur respectively. Our recruiter first asked my accomplice to pick up a package of jade from Brazil and then travel back to Hong Kong.

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Brazilian woman arrested at HK airport with HK$2.6m cocaine

Hong Kong Customs arrested a female passenger at the Hong Kong International Airport, seizing three kilograms of suspected cocaine with an estimated market value of about HK$2.6 million.

The arrested, 43, claimed she was a homemaker and arrived in Hong Kong for “traveling” from São Paulo, Brazil, via Doha, Qatar, during the arrest yesterday (November 25th).

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A mother’s gamble

I left Sao Paulo on June 28, 2022, for Hong Kong where I was caught with drugs at the airport. I had never done anything so wrong in my life.

I was motivated to do this because of financial problems. I needed to save my son from a gambling debt. Online games today are where many young people in Brazil surrender to addiction. My son is 21 years old and was working when I found out he owed a lot of money to the online gambling bank. Because of this, my son left town so I was worried. Faced with this problem, an old acquaintance told me that I could earn money doing this job, that it would be quick and easy, so out of desperation I accepted.

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Victim of an elaborate mafia scheme

This is the story of how I came to be in custody by Hong Kong’s Customs for being found in possession of dangerous drugs upon my arrival at the Hong Kong International Airport on Saturday, October 6, 2018.

I’m a 64-year-old man from Honduras. I’m a professional in Social Sciences and Social Work with a Master’s degree in Public Health from the National University in Honduras. I’ve dedicated more than 35 years to the management, design, and implementation of social projects for poor families in my country. I did this work through NGOs and in close coordination with governmental programs.

In May 2018 I was contacted by the United Nations and the Central Bank of Nigeria (BCN) about the approval of some funds to work on social programs for the next seven years (2018-2025). The funds would be channeled through the UN which would pay the funds through the Nigerian Central Bank and the latter through the HSBC bank in Hong Kong. 

Before I traveled to Hong Kong I was informed I would need to go to Sao Paulo Brazil first to sign some documents (certificates of approval). I was sent the money for the journey.

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Russian roulette

I’m a woman, a Russian citizen. I want to share with you the tragic story of my life. I’m now in custody in Hong Kong, awaiting my sentence.

In or about autumn 2016, a good friend told me about her boyfriend who was at the time in Brazil working and would soon return to Russia. Not long later, after her boyfriend returned, I asked him for details of the job he was doing while in Brazil. He told me he did nothing serious, he had been sent to Brazil to pick up a suitcase and transport it to Asia. My friend then gave me the name of the guy who sent her boyfriend to Brazil. He is from Belarus. 

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Broken heart

I am a 24 years old brazilian writing this letter to express the profound anguish and pain that both myself and my family are going through since my arrest in Hong Kong for trafficking in dangerous drugs.

I write this letter as a warning! Please do not be seduced by the so-called ‘easy money’. There is great need in some cases – as I thought mine was, but however difficult your situation might be, do not be deceived into believing that trafficking is the way out because it is not!

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Hong Kong Customs seizes 15kg of liquid cocaine from Brazil

A male passenger arrived in Hong Kong from Sao Paulo, Brazil via Amsterdam, the Netherlands yesterday. During Customs clearance, six personal hygiene product bottles containing the batch of suspected liquid cocaine were found inside his check-in suitcase. He was then arrested.

The arrested man, aged 30, has been charged with one count of trafficking in a dangerous drug.

Source: HK Customs and Excise Department

Youth due in court over HK$1.3m cocaine

Customs said today a case against a 24-year-old hairdresser, accused of trafficking 1.17 kilograms of cocaine worth about HK$1.3 million, will be mentioned at the Kwun Tong Magistrates’ Courts tomorrow.

An X-ray scan detected drugs in his body after the suspect arrived at Hong Kong International Airport from Brazil via Ethiopia on Sunday. He excreted 90 pellets of cocaine over two days.

Source: The Standard