Broken heart

I am a 24 years old brazilian writing this letter to express the profound anguish and pain that both myself and my family are going through since my arrest in Hong Kong for trafficking in dangerous drugs.

I write this letter as a warning! Please do not be seduced by the so-called ‘easy money’. There is great need in some cases – as I thought mine was, but however difficult your situation might be, do not be deceived into believing that trafficking is the way out because it is not!

I can tell you today that there is nothing of value in this world and no money that can alleviate even the slightest, the suffering and the pain that my situation of being a prisoner in HK is causing to my family and myself every single day, because of what I have done.

I despair when I hear my mother crying and lamenting when I call her briefly once a month. Her heart is broken and so is mine when I reflect about all this being locked away in a prison without friends, unable to see my family and be with them and anyone I care for, for many years to come.

I am alone and at this moment it is only I and God for me.

So, I want to say this to you again: do not let yourselves be deceived by the criminal lure of  ‘easy money’. The tempting attraction that you’ll have the opportunity to travel and get to know other countries, as the criminals will tell you. It is not true. They lie.

Do not fall for it like I did. Do not make this mistake. Think of the consequences.

Say no to drugs! Say no to trafficking to Hong Kong or anywhere!