Ten years of recklessness

I am a 32-year-old mother of three. I have been on remand for 24 months for trafficking dangerous drugs (methamphetamine), awaiting sentencing.

Family separation

My parents divorced when I was about seven years old. I lived with my grandparents, but I kept a very good relationship with my mom. Although I seldom saw her, I loved her very much. My mother remarried when I was in grade three. She moved to England with her new husband for a while. I pretended like nothing happened when I said goodbye to her at the airport. However, I secretly cried after she left. I remember she sent me a letter with £10 in it for my birthday that year. I cried each time I read through the letter. Six months later, my mom divorced again, returned to Hong Kong and I moved back to live with her. During primary school, I was a top-performing student, consistently ranking in the top ten of my class. In addition to my academic pursuits, I participated in many after-school activities and learned to play musical instruments. Piano lessons were paid for by my grandparents.

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Hong Kong makes biggest ever meth seizure – 1.8 tonnes, worth over HK$1 billion

Hong Kong has made its biggest ever seizure of methamphetamine after uncovering a shipment arriving from Mexico worth more than HK$1 billion (US$130 million), authorities said Saturday.

Customs officials found a record-breaking 1.8 tonnes of liquid meth hidden in cartons of coconut water en route for Australia.

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Hong Kong Customs makes record seizure of methamphetamine

The Customs and Excise Department of Hong Kong (Hong Kong Customs) jointly mounted an anti-narcotics operation, codenamed “Yunzhan-duanliu”, with the Anti-Smuggling Bureau of the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China (GACC), the Anti-Smuggling Bureau of the Guangdong Sub-Administration of the GACC, and the Anti-Smuggling Bureau of Shenzhen Customs in March. Hong Kong Customs seized about 700 kilograms of suspected methamphetamine with an estimated market value of $400 million in the operation at Hong Kong International Airport and a logistics warehouse. This is a record seizure of methamphetamine by Hong Kong Customs. Two men were arrested in the case.

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How Mexico’s Real Life Cartels Recruit Drug Mules On Grand Theft Auto Online

Grand Theft Auto players know what it’s like working for a Mexican cartel. But they do so from the comfort of their own bedroom.

What many don’t realize is that real-life cartel recruiters are playing the game and recruiting players for real-life work. Last year, Mexican police revealed youngsters were being recruited by drug cartels over popular video games, including Grand Theft Auto Online, though there was little in the way of evidence.

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When the System fails a child

I am a 29-year-old Hongkonger, currently held in custody at the Lai Chi Kok Reception Centre under drug trafficking charges. This is my story.

My father is from Hong Kong and my mother is from mainland China. She gave birth to me in Hong Kong while overstaying her visa. They divorced when I was little, and my father now has another family.

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The downward spiral of drugs

I was arrested for burglary, and I am now remanded in prison. I have been arrested several times, for taking drugs, robbery, and burglary and have been in and out of prison for years.

For 20 years I had a meth addiction, and I committed most crimes after I took the drug.

I was an estate agent in my 20s. After several years of hard work, I developed a successful career, earning millions annually. But at the peak of my career, I was persuaded by bad friends and went down the wrong path of drugs. Not only did I put my career on the line, but I was also arrested for drug possession.

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Hong Hong Customs seize 52kg of meth hidden in baby car seats shipment from Cambodia

Hong Kong Customs seized about 51.5 kilograms of suspected methamphetamine with an estimated market value of about $32 million in Yuen Long on February 18. This is the first drug trafficking case detected by Customs involving a self-service container yard.

Customs officers on that day inspected a seaborne consignment, declared as carrying baby car seats, that arrived in Hong Kong from Cambodia at a container yard in Yuen Long. Upon examination, the batch of suspected methamphetamine was found concealed inside the false compartments of 32 baby car seats.

Customs’ investigations revealed that drug trafficking syndicates adopted a circuitous transportation route after the drugs had arrived in Hong Kong and used a self-service container yard at Tsing Yi for temporary storage. After a follow-up investigation, Customs officers arrested two men, aged 22 and 33, suspected to be in connection with the case.

Source: HK Customs and Excise Department

Three foreign men nabbed over HK$3.4M in drugs

The police said today they arrested three jobless foreign nationals from Nigeria and Ivory Coast, aged between 33 and 43 years, on suspicion of drug trafficking after raiding a room in a guest house at the Chungking Mansions in Tsim Sha Tsui yesterday.

Drugs including cocaine, methamphetamine, worth about HK$3.4 million, digital kitchen scales, and packaging tools were seized. Two of the suspects were subdued after they resisted, police said.

Source: The Standard