Packaged lies

I am a single mother of three. Before becoming a single parent, I was a homemaker, caring for my children. However, my husband had an affair and left us with no regard for our well-being. The emotional trauma and financial hardship at that time set me on this irreversible journey.

In a state of despair and helplessness, struggling to pay rent, electricity bills, and even afford meals for my children, a ‘friend’ I met on social media introduced me to a packaging job. This job, offering an attractive daily wage of HK$1,000 (~USD128), immediate cash payments, and no experience required, seemed promising. I reached out to the contact person for more information.

At that time, I was in desperate need of money, so it seemed like the perfect solution. Two days later, he brought $10,000 in cash to my home and discussed further details.

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How can I stitch back my life?

I am a mother of two boys. I had a lovely family, my sons’ upbringing has been one rooted in love, care, and strong family values. 

During my own childhood, I was fortunate to grow up in a supportive environment with both my mother and father.

As the eldest child in a working-class family on the Mainland, I faced challenges early on. At the age of fifteen, I moved to Guangdong to work in a handbag factory. I worked diligently to support my family. When I was seventeen, I was raped by the boss. As a young and inexperienced girl, I found myself unsure of what to do next. Eventually, I made the decision to leave the factory and seek assistance from my paternal uncle, who unfortunately struggled with drug addiction.

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How drugs destroyed my body and soul

I have been arrested for drug trafficking and drug possession. I am 35 years old and have been using drugs since I was 15. I was introduced to drugs by my boyfriend at that time. We primarily consumed drugs at discos. I was influenced by my boyfriend and other friends, and I got involved out of curiosity, a desire for excitement, and peer pressure. At that time, I thought drugs were fashionable.

I lived with my parents and my older sister. After finishing secondary school, I lived a carefree lifestyle. At 19, I committed my first drug possession offence and received a two-week probation sentence. This incident led my mother to monitor me closely. Unfortunately, I then committed another drug possession offense, which resulted in my sentencing to a drug rehabilitation center.

During my time in the rehabilitation centre, I met more drug addicts like myself. Over the years, I was in and out of the rehabilitation centre several times. Initially, I consumed ketamine, but my health deteriorated and I suffered greatly from its side effects. I didn’t want to continue living like that.

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Finding forgiveness at the cross

I grew up in a Christian family. Although I went to church with my parents, I felt that religious faith was out of reach and untouchable. My mother was a college principal, and my father was a professor. I used to be an obedient child, but as I grew up, I faced many challenges and temptations.

While studying for a Nursing degree at the University of Hong Kong, I developed a heavy dependence on smoking, drinking, and relationships with men. One summer, while partying at a nightclub, I tried drugs and soon became addicted.

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Ten years of recklessness

I am a 32-year-old mother of three. I have been on remand for 24 months for trafficking dangerous drugs (methamphetamine), awaiting sentencing.

Family separation

My parents divorced when I was about seven years old. I lived with my grandparents, but I kept a very good relationship with my mom. Although I seldom saw her, I loved her very much. My mother remarried when I was in grade three. She moved to England with her new husband for a while. I pretended like nothing happened when I said goodbye to her at the airport. However, I secretly cried after she left. I remember she sent me a letter with £10 in it for my birthday that year. I cried each time I read through the letter. Six months later, my mom divorced again, returned to Hong Kong and I moved back to live with her. During primary school, I was a top-performing student, consistently ranking in the top ten of my class. In addition to my academic pursuits, I participated in many after-school activities and learned to play musical instruments. Piano lessons were paid for by my grandparents.

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Easy money, harsh consequences

I’ve been imprisoned for almost a year and I feel much remorse for what I did…for the unwise decisions that brought me to this situation.

Between the time I graduated from high school to the time before I got arrested, I used to hang out regularly with a few close friends from high school once or twice per month. Even during the pandemic, we would still get together.

At the beginning of the pandemic, all businesses went downhill. I was a full-time demolition worker and also worked part-time as an Uber driver. When the Covid-19 outbreak gripped Mainland China, all major delivery services were greatly affected. Many goods could not be delivered to Hong Kong, which greatly affected my income. There was a time when I only had work for ten days in a month, and I got paid on a daily basis when there was a job for me. Even my close friends were in a similar situation thus, they couldn’t really offer me help.

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One arrested for trafficking HK$57 million in drugs

One man on suspicion of drug trafficking was arrested as Hong Kong Customs seized about 100 kg of methamphetamine with a market value of around HK$57 million.

Customs announced on Tuesday that officers found the drugs when inspecting an air cargo consignment arriving in Hong Kong from Canada at the airport on January 30.

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$75m methamphetamine packed in teabags seized

A 42-year-old man was arrested in a disguised household goods store in Tsuen Wan for drug trafficking on Saturday after police seized 130 kilograms of methamphetamine worth about HK$75 million.

The Mong Kok police earlier received reports that drug traffickers use the store as a disguise to set up a drug warehouse. An anti-drug operation was conducted on Saturday during which a suspicious man was found entering the store and over a hundred packets of suspected methamphetamine were packaged in tea bags.

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Customs seize HK$430,000 worth of drugs, arrest one

Customs seized about 760 grams of methamphetamine with a value of about HK$430,000 at Hong Kong International Airport on Tuesday.

During customs clearance, officers found the batch of suspected methamphetamine concealed inside the underpants a man was wearing.

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Hong Kong customs seizes drugs worth HK$3.1 billion in 11 months, most in 20 years

Hong Kong customs officials seized six tonnes (6.6 tons) of drugs worth more than HK$3.1 billion (US$397 million) from January to November, beating the record annual haul over the past two decades.

Methamphetamine, also known as Ice, accounted for half the total and arrived mostly by air or sea from Mexico. Other drugs seized included 692kg of cocaine, 540kg of ketamine, 419kg of cannabis and 88kg of heroin.

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Customs seized HK$60 million ice drugs from Mexico

Customs busted a drug trafficking case by seizing over 100 kilograms of methamphetamine, commonly known as “ice,” imported from Mexico at Hong Kong International Airport.

Officers announced today that the drug trafficking case using precision instruments for drug storage was detached at the airport on October 24.

According to Alan Lam Chak-lun, Commander of the Customs Drug Investigation Bureau Airport Investigation Division, officers noticed a box reported to be an electromagnetic separator shipped from Mexico with suspicious images under X-ray examination.

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Traffickers changing how they bring in drugs

Police said on Saturday they noticed some drug traffickers changing their techniques for bringing narcotics into Hong Kong.

Officers made the remarks after seizing suspected cannabis, cocaine and methamphetamine with a total street value of $80 million on Thursday and Friday, while arresting six men suspected of drug trafficking.

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Rollercoaster life

This is my first time writing a letter. Let me introduce myself. 

I have been on remand for one and a half years for drug trafficking. I’ve lost a lot during this time.

I couldn’t face my dad at first and I only agreed to let him visit me a month ago. It has been a roller coaster ride for me but I’ve felt more relieved once I started seeing my dad again although he doesn’t bring me much good news. Bad things keep piling on me. My girlfriend decided to end our relationship, and my grandmother got into an accident that has gotten her paralysed. All of these things happened within the same month.

I blame myself for not being able to do anything at moment. If I were out there, perhaps my grandmother wouldn’t have gotten into that accident. And if I were out there, my girlfriend wouldn’t have left me. I’m very lost with all these questions.

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The delivery that brought me to my knees

I was arrested by Hong Kong Customs for trafficking dangerous drugs. I have been living with guilt and regret for months. I don’t know how to handle this inner struggle. My worries for my family have not stopped since my arrest. I regret choosing the wrong path to earn money.

Some time ago my father was diagnosed with colorectal cancer and he recovered after having surgery. However, about a year ago, my father started to notice his health deteriorating, and it seemed that his cancer had come back. At about this time, I had plans to marry my girlfriend whom I had been dating for five years. We have been through a lot of difficulties together. She was always by my side when I was having financial hardships. She also took care of me when I got injured due to work. She was 29 years old and I wanted to marry her and build a family together before she turned 30.

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