Hong Kong police crack down on HK$125 million drug-related maid arrested

The Police Narcotics Bureau recently launched enforcement operations in Yuen Long, North Point and Western District respectively, and seized a total of 154 kilograms of different types of drugs, including 96 kilograms of cocaine, 34 kilograms of ketamine, and 25 kilograms of marijuana, with a market value of about HK$125 million.

Police arrested a 58-year-old local man and a 40-year-old Filipino domestic helper on suspicion of trafficking in dangerous drugs.

The police pointed out that the drug dealers used cocoa beans and protein powder to disguise the drugs. The drugs were transported to Hong Kong through Ecuador and then transported to the warehouse. The maid involved in the case was arrested while handling the drugs.

The arrested woman started a one-year foreign domestic helper contract in June last year.

Police are looking for another 44-year-old man, believed to be a key member of the drug cartel involved, and more arrests cannot be ruled out.

Source: hk01.com