Drugs lead to a dead end

I am a Hong Kong citizen. I want to share my story about why I am in Lai Chi Kok Reception Centre waiting in custody to get a sentence. 

I hope when you read this letter you take the time to reflect on how important is your life, friends, family, and all the things that freedom offers. And even if you are having some difficulty finding a job or a good way to earn a living in these COVID-19 times, never choose any wrongdoing. Never choose to deal with drugs because certainly, you will end up in jail for a very long and sad time.

Trust me. Being in jail is the worst experience. This is so bad that just in the last ten months I saw how two people preferred to take their lives and finish this sad moment.

When you are trafficking a dangerous drug you not only put your life at risk, not only make your friends and family suffer but also the drug user. The drugs will destroy their life and they will start to commit crimes to keep on the addiction. In the end, that person and you will be together with me here in prison living the same sad life. 

I started using cocaine because I wanted to relieve the stress of life but I was wrong. That constant use of drugs started to affect my life very fast because I was not able to have clarity. I started having problems with my wife and got distant from my daughter. I was so tired to continue working like a normal person. The COVID-19 situation made things worse and so after all, I found myself jobless and not able to keep supporting my wife and mother like before.

Thus affected, I made the worst decision of my life. Trafficking drugs put me here in prison. I got divorced and lost my beautiful family. I can’t support my mother, I lost my home, lost my time, lost everything that I loved. 

Please don’t waste your life using or selling drugs. Better to study, find a job, work hard,  play sports, love and enjoy your family and do the most important things, live in peace, and love yourself.

Note: This letter has been edited to correct spelling and grammatical errors