No room for trust

I’m an Indonesian woman. I had been staying with a friend in her hotel room because I didn’t have money. I rarely stayed there as I only needed a place to sleep at night.

On Thursday 17 December 2021 at 8 pm, I was waiting for the elevator to go out to get some food because I felt hungry. As soon as I stepped out I was suddenly stopped by the police without any warning.

The police took me back to my friend’s hotel room – it turned out that there were dangerous drugs concealed within. I was very surprised because when my friend offered me to stay with her, I did not know that there were any drugs hidden in the attic above. My friend was not very open with me either she never told me she had something hidden in the room. 

My friend has also been arrested but we are being held in different cells.

I feel I have been trapped. I had nothing to do with the drugs.