My life in pieces

I am 39 years old. I was arrested on January 30, 2021, for trafficking in dangerous drugs, and I am currently detained in Lai Chi Kok Reception Centre.

In December 2016 I was arrested and sentenced to five years and eight months for trafficking dangerous drugs and was released from prison on January 12, 2019. A month after my release, I got a job as a porter, but as fate would have it, I was injured at work three months later and couldn’t work anymore, so I had to rely on the compensation to make ends meet.

I was under so much pressure because I had to take care of my family and pay the bills. At that time a friend told me to do cocaine to relieve my stress. After a month of drug use, I spent all my money, but nothing had changed.

When my rent was up and I had to pay for my family’s living expenses, I felt I had no other choice and I promised my friend to help him transport drugs. I got caught the very first time and I did not receive any reward. In return, I was arrested. I really regret it because I was already wrong to take drugs, helping my friend to transport drugs is even more wrong.

I have been through a lot in the past ten months. My wife divorced me two months after I was arrested. The divorce was granted by the Family Court in November 2021. I regret it very much. My family was destroyed because of my drug abuse and trafficking.

I have applied for a job during my incarceration, hoping to work so that I could have a more positive attitude towards my life. I actively participate in Bible studies so that I can pray to God and get on the right path. I hope that my wife and children will give me a chance to turn over a new leaf and be a new man. I am thankful that I met a priest in Lai Chi Kok Reception Center to lead me back to the right path.

Note: This letter has been translated from the original in Chinese, and edited to facilitate reading.