Missing life

To all South African people,

I’m a white lady, 63 years of age, and am now sitting in a women’s prison for trafficking drugs into Hong Kong.

I am so very sorry that I have ever committed such a terrible crime. I am now a lonely person. I was always willing to help others, but my goodness and kindness were used against me. I needed to help other people, but they used my kindness to benefit from me, not because they cared. I have lost so much now in my life. 


I am standing now in the process of being sentenced, and I have no idea for how long; I truly pray that the judge will give me a compassionate sentence. I will miss out on so much in life because my children and grandchildren won’t have the pleasure to enjoy me. Here, I miss all the normal things in life, not being able to cook for them and spoil them. 

It is hard to live here, no luxuries, no more freedom, to be in a women’s prison is a lesson everybody must learn. Think before doing any crime, I have never been so hurt.

If any South African gets talking you into drug trafficking, refuse immediately! It is not worth it. To have to contact your family to tell them that you are in prison is horrible. It puts everybody in a dilemma. 

To anyone reading this message please don’t do it.

Thank you for your time. Think of me, please.