Pile of debt to pillar of strength

To start my story, I’ll share my family’s initial reaction upon learning I was in jail. I couldn’t face them, especially my wife and daughter. When my parents came to visit me, they burst into tears. Before this, I rarely kept in touch with them due to my gambling addiction. My debtors had harassed them multiple times, so I chose to stay away from them. Nevertheless, they spent three hours commuting every day just to visit me. Our relationship has become closer because of this experience.

Initially, my parents scolded me for committing such a crime. They did so because they love and care for me. During the first month of their visit, my mom cried every time. I regret making an unwise choice that hurt them.

My wife and daughter were devastated by the news of my imprisonment. At first, my wife refused to accept the fact and it took her a month before she visited me. Each time she came, she collapsed and cried at the sight of me.

When I was first remanded, I chose not to tell my daughter that I was in prison. Instead, I told her that I had to work. However, as time went on, I felt the need to tell her the truth. She learned about my situation with the help of a social worker. Upon hearing the news, my daughter was frightened and emotionally broke down. She cried throughout the day and even had nightmares, which prompted my wife to take her to see a psychiatrist. The doctor diagnosed her with “psychological trauma,” and neither my wife nor I know how to help her overcome this.

Since I was remanded, my wife has become the pillar of our family. She even helped me pay off my debts.

Since I was remanded, my wife has become the pillar of our family. She even helped me pay off my debts. I deeply regret putting my family through this ordeal. Thankfully, my daughter’s emotions are more stable now, perhaps due to her visits to me. However, my wife is still very stressed out. I am hopeful that I will be released soon so I can reunite with them and take up my responsibilities to lessen their stress levels.

I now pray every day, hoping that our Heavenly Father can ease some of my guilt. Growing up in an incomplete family will have a significant impact on my child. I would miss out on witnessing every milestone in my child’s life, be it Sports Day or graduation. It’s not worth it at all!

When I was remanded, all of my so-called friends disappeared. Don’t make irreparable mistakes due to greed. There are always alternative solutions to every problem. Talk to your family when you feel helpless. Consult with a social worker or a pastor when you face obstacles.

It’s easy to get lost when you feel hopeless and helpless. I hope my story can help to warn young people not to get involved with drugs. There is no such thing as “brotherhood” when you are arrested. Only family and the Lord will always be by your side.

Note: This story was originally written in Chinese. It has been translated and redacted. Switch language to read the original.