Into the deep pit

I am 32 years old. I was arrested for drug trafficking and I am currently on remand. I want to use this opportunity to share my story as a warning to young people about the dangers of drugs and the importance of cherishing their loved ones.

I used to be a construction worker, earning about HKD 20,000 per month. Both my parents suffer from health issues; my father is unemployed due to heart problems, and my mother is physically disabled and unable to work. Additionally, I used to care for my niece because my sister was constantly working. My sister works in sales. However, her monthly income is modest and she also has to finance her daughter’s education.

My romantic relationship also added to my financial burden. The physical strain of my job began to impact my health. I developed a protruding disc in my spine, which caused significant difficulties in my work.

Sleep eluded me. When I did manage to doze off, nightmares would jolt me awake. By the time I woke up, dawn had already broken. This pattern continues to this day.

By chance, I was introduced to the trade of transporting and selling marijuana. The potential for high earnings was irresistible, as I could make in a week what I used to make in a month from construction. That’s when I found myself in a difficult situation. Lured by the possibility of a better future for my family and myself, I gave in to temptation. Despite knowing that it couldn’t last, I found myself too deep in to back out.

Things seemed to be going smoothly until I was caught on September 21, 2023.

When I was arrested, my mind froze, and I felt like my world was collapsing. I didn’t know how to defend myself or who to turn to for help. I was hesitant to inform my family, fearing they wouldn’t be able to cope. Eventually, I told my fiancée, my partner of over two years. She was deeply disappointed, and our marriage plans were discarded due to the incident.

After four days at the police station, I was transferred to the correctional institution. Sleep eluded me. When I did manage to doze off, nightmares would jolt me awake. By the time I woke up, dawn had already broken. This pattern continues to this day. My thoughts of family, my former fiancée, and friends bring me to tears. It’s hard to control my emotions, and I fear showing my vulnerability. Alone, I cover myself with a blanket and cry. I feel completely helpless.

It was two weeks before my fiancée visited me, bringing supplies. Her deep sorrow was visible, she was full of regret and cried silently. During our 15-minute meeting, she sobbed for a third of the time. I can feel our future slipping away; it’s only a matter of time.

My sister discovered the situation later and informed my mother. Upon hearing the news, my mother was speechless. They have yet to tell my father, fearing he might not be able to handle the shock.I deeply regret focusing solely on myself without considering the feelings of those around me. I lost love and freedom, realizing too late that these are more precious than money.

I hope my experience serves as a warning for others to choose friends and information carefully to avoid being misled. In today’s world, there are a lot of temptations for young people to make quick money. The rewards may seem high, but the risks are substantial and, ultimately, not worth it. Don’t let temporary greed or vanity cause you to forget those who love and support you. These relationships, which can’t be bought with money, are built over time and should be cherished. Once lost, they can never be regained.

After my arrest, I lost my freedom and contact with the outside world. I found myself wondering daily how I had ended up in such a situation. Reentering society with the stigma of imprisonment, I expect to be met with judgment and skepticism. However, these are unchangeable facts. All I can do is strive to amend my temper and habits, read more books to better myself, deepen my understanding of God through the Bible, and pray for His forgiveness for my transgressions. Above all, I aim to quit smoking and engage in activities beneficial to my physical and mental health.

While in prison, I aim to better myself through study and the attainment of as many certifications as possible. My objective is to work hard and honestly, shunning the quick money associated with secrecy that only breeds fear and anxiety. I strive for a life filled with freedom, excitement, and good health.

I hope that my experiences can act as a warning for today’s youth. The temporary allure of money and vanity cannot outweigh the value of freedom and the affection of loved ones.

Note: This story is a combination of two letters, originally written in Chinese. It has been redacted. Switch language to read the original.