The promise, the lie, and the suitcase

This story is for all people, to please take note and take care not to be used by the Nigerian drug lords for muling their drugs.

I was misused, as a fool, by trusting a friend who knew a Nigerian who could help me with a job. Due to the high unemployment rate in our country the Nigerian’s come with all these sweet stories of how they can help us earn some “legal” money. Be careful for they are recruiting people on our beach front in Durban, South Africa.

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The box of chocolates that stole my freedom

Be warned. Don’t lose your life for the drug lords who may use all kinds of tricks to make you carry their drugs from country to country.

Regardless of what the circumstances, once you are found to have drugs in your possession, you will be detained and remanded in custody usually indefinitely. Once this happens, you will have already lost your life and freedom. And if you were convicted, it may even be for life.

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From KL to HK with complimentary flight tickets to jail

I am a 22-year-old from Ipoh, Malaysia. My father has always been the only breadwinner of our family, so we never had much money. When I was 13 years old, I started working without an education. In June 2017, I went to Kuala Lumpur to work because my salary had not been satisfactory.

In November that same year, a friend of mine told me there was a way to earn money quickly so I went to meet that person.

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Looking for extra cash for the new year, Malaysian chef turns drug mule

I am 25 years of age, married. I work at a Chinese restaurant. I am a junior chef responsible for frying food and dishes for customers. My wife is a housewife. My mother passed away when I was 12 and my father when I was 14. My mother died of a stroke due to high blood pressure, my father had a lung infection and died on Christmas Eve two years later. Some things were really a coincidence… in my family. I am the youngest in the family and was the most loved. Since childhood, our family condition was not good but I did not blame my past. I tried to support myself by working hard. Maybe there were too many bad friends around me.

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Jailed at 18 – young Malaysian in Hong Kong prison

Thank you Lord for bestowing me strength to continue running. From time to time I really do feel regret, “why did I take up this job?” Was it really worth the money?

I was born in Malaysia. This year I am 19 years old, when I disobeyed the law it was 8th of November 2017. At that time I brought 1535 grams of Ketamine to Hong Kong. I was scared and afraid, but I needed the money because my family was in a poor status. My dad was old and my mum passed away when I was barely 1-year-old.

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It’s your choice, think twice

It’s been almost one year since my arrest and detention on trafficking charges of 1 kilo of high purity cocaine.

As everybody knows, I was not the owner of that drug. I was recruited as a courier to carry it overseas with the promise of a monetary reward for a better life for my family. Although it is not an excuse, everybody also knows that we agree to break the law just for our family.

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WIN a vacation package to Stanley (Prison)

I am Brazilian, and this is my sad story.

Due to my financial situation and the huge responsibility on my shoulders (five children and four wives) I was approached by a man. He introduced me to several others, and they told me many things like they were selling a vacation package. They assured me that the risks were very low and promised that even if caught the punishment was small.

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