No room for trust

I’m an Indonesian woman. I had been staying with a friend in her hotel room because I didn’t have money. I rarely stayed there as I only needed a place to sleep at night.

On Thursday 17 December 2021 at 8 pm, I was waiting for the elevator to go out to get some food because I felt hungry. As soon as I stepped out I was suddenly stopped by the police without any warning.

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The trap I fell into

It all started when I met a man at Taboo – a bar located in Wanchai. The man has dark skin and calls himself Mapan, from America. I had known him for one month only. 

On one Sunday night, which was my last encounter with him, he offered to pay for my drink and gave me HKD1000 to pay for food and a taxi to get home since it was already late at night and the MTR had closed. I originally wanted to go home earlier but he told me to stay, that’s why he gave me money to go home. I arrived home around 3 am that night.

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